Our Journey of 30 Years in Business as Exhibition Stand Suppliers

We are marking 30 years in the event stand supply industry and it’s not just a milestone – it’s a testament to our enduring commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. As we take time to reflect on three decades of growth, challenges, and triumphs, we are filled with gratitude for the clients, partners and dedicated team members who have been a part of our wonderful journey.

Crafting a Vision at the Beginning

Expositionist’s journey began 30 years ago with a simple vision: to provide high-quality, innovative event stands to help their clients stand out from the crowd. Keith and Suzanne Milan founded Expo, starting with a small team, worked hard daily, and brought their creativity and dedication to the craft, it is now run by their two sons Dan and Toby. Each project, no matter how big or small, was an opportunity for them to prove their worth and build a reputation for excellence.

How We Have Built Our Legacy

We have expanded our services throughout the years to meet the diverse needs of our clients and achieved numerous milestones that have shaped our company and the industry at large.

  • Our exhibition stand solutions are made to suit every budget – whether you’re a first-time exhibitor on a tight budget or the sky’s the limit.
  • The Rapid Up Plus uses a high-quality, durable, graphics material, with the added benefit of a rigid aluminium frame. It can be reused time and time again – looks good and saves money.
  • The 4 steps that we cover when custom-building your stand are to ensure we deliver exactly the stand you want. Take note we are different from many exhibition companies.
  • Bespoke and custom-built exhibition stands are exactly that – built to your specifications.
  • As your recommended stand builder, you’ll have happy exhibitors coming back year after year. We are proud to work with several exhibition organisers, supporting them in the organising of their event.
  • The Expo team can boost your exhibition stand with hanging banners, lighting, interactions, flooring and much more.
  • The latest product – PixlipGo Lightbox
  • Introducing the world’s first 100% recycled and 100% recyclable exhibition stand. Ecostands.green are our recyclable exhibition stands.

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of our success, as we’ve pioneered new materials, embraced cutting-edge technology, and constantly met the needs of our clients with creative solutions.

Our success has also been built on the strong relationships we’ve cultivated with our clients and partners. Many have been with us right from the start – a testament to the trust and value we bring to each project.

Overcoming the Challenges

No journey comes without challenges and over the last 30 years, we have seen different demands and the industry changing. That being said, it has been an opportunity to learn and grow, overcoming obstacles and emerging stronger each time.

Celebrating Expo’s Success

Many achievements have defined our journey.

  • Our commitment to excellence has been recognised and trusted by some big brands.
  • Our greatest achievements are the success stories of our clients and the positive feedback. From small businesses to large corporations, the Expo team have helped countless organisations make a lasting impact at their events. Their success is our success.
  • Our team has grown to a large, diverse family of professionals and each member brings their own set of skills and perspectives, which have contributed to our collective success.

 Continuing our Legacy and Looking to the Future as we Continue to Embark on this Journey

Expo looks to the future with new possibilities and a team dedicated to its legacy of excellence.

  • We will continue to explore new technologies to enhance our services and stay at the forefront of the industry.
  • We aim to bring our expertise to new markets and help clients create impactful events worldwide.
  • Sustainability will always remain a core focus of ours, we always look at how we can reduce our environmental footprint through our innovative, high-quality stands.
  • The team is the number one priority for us – learning and developing the team to grow alongside the company.

This is a proud moment for us to celebrate nearly 30 years of achievement as an event stand supplier. Our journey has not only been filled with passion and dedication but a continuous improvement in this industry. As we continue to look ahead, we are excited about the future and committed to upholding the values that have brought us this far.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, partners and team members for being part of this incredible journey! Here’s to many more years of success and innovation together!