Enhancing your Exhibition Stand with Lighting

Making an eye-catching exhibition stand is all about the lighting. Using effective lighting can really help your exhibit stand out from the crowd, especially when the hall is packed. Even if the exhibition hall is brightly lit don’t let that make you think that adding lighting features to your stand is unnecessary.

Each of our design stands can incorporate all kinds of lighting solutions to make the most attractive stands that draw the most visitors at every trade show. Our design team are on hand to answer any questions and design you the very best exhibition stand with the most effective lighting.

When it comes down to the display lighting on your exhibition stand, you want to ensure it effectively showcases your products or services, draws attention and complements your brand identity.

How can you effectively use lighting on your exhibition stand?

Understand your goals

Are you trying to highlight a specific product? Are you looking to create an inviting atmosphere? Once you know your objectives this will guide your lighting choices.

Plan the lighting

Create an exhibition lighting plan that complements your overall stand design and branding. What mood do you want to convey? How about highlighting key areas?

Choose the correct lighting fixtures

Make sure the lighting fixtures are easy to install and transport. They can include spotlights, LED strips, pendant lights, chandeliers and more. Also, ensure that the type of light aligns with your branding and booth design.

Use of colour

Choose the colours that are associated with your brand and the overall theme of your exhibition booth. Opt for colour-changing LED lights to create a dynamic and visually appealing atmosphere.

Focusing on key areas

Identify the main parts of your exhibition stand, such as the signage, product display or interactive area and concentrate on the lighting for these. Well-lit focal points will draw attention.

Accentuate products and displays

Use spotlights or track lighting to highlight specific products or elements of your stand. Draw the eye with the lights and attract visitors where you want them to go.

Create an ambience

Lighting can set the mood for your display stand. Opt for soft and warm lighting to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere and bright and vibrant for an energetic and dynamic space.

Layer the lighting

Combine the lighting with general, task and accent to create depth and visual interest.


Consider incorporating smart lighting solutions that allow you to change colours on a timer and create an interactive experience.

Minimise the glare

Ensure your stand’s lighting doesn’t create a glare for visitors.

Test the lighting

Test each of the lights before the event and make sure it achieves the desired effect.

Energy efficient

Opt for energy-efficient LED lighting as it is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Ensure all lights are safely installed and comply with safety regulations.

Branding and graphics

Incorporate your branding and logos into your lighting design. Use lightboxes, illuminated signs, or backlit graphics to reinforce your brand identity.


Expo is one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand suppliers, supplying the full range of exhibition stand solutions. We have been designing and installing exhibition stands for nearly 30 years, so we know what works and how to make your stand work for you. Contact us today for more info and how we can enhance your stand with the ultimate lighting scheme.