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Adding Technology to your Exhibition Stand

Of course, you want your exhibition stand to look great when advertising in that grand hall, but we also think it should provide an interactive space for your customers. You want the attendees to engage with your brand and products in a different way – it makes everything much more exciting.

Incorporating the latest event technology into your display is an effective way to encourage visitor interaction and offers a fresh experience that your competitor may not do. Digital technology is always developing and improving so your exhibition stand design shouldn’t be missed!

A Stand Full Of Video Displays

Screens showing video content are highly effective at grabbing the attention of visitors and are ideal for transporting lots of information in an appealing way. Producing a quality video can make a great focal point for your interactive exhibition stand and can be the point of selling your product, service or brand.

Many more visitors will stay at your stand for longer and ask more questions, which hopefully turns into a sale. The use of touchscreens can increase visitor engagement further and allow you to set up forms or games.

The display could be set up with a wall of plasma screens or keeping it much simpler with a TV screen or tablet. Ipads are great for the sales team to make use of and even the visitors can take a look and explore for themselves.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting-edge technology is being introduced more and more in the events world for a reason to get your visitors involved.

AR – Augmented Reality is a sophisticated tech that combines computer-generated content with a real-world view.

VR – Virtual Reality takes technology even further by allowing you to create your own immersive environment. VR headsets transport your visitors into a 3D world and can experience something truly unique.

Social Media

Social media is still a leading marketing tool and a well-planned social media campaign can have a huge impact on the success of an event. Many people love it or hate it, but for most event organisers, social media is the best platform to promote an up-and-coming show whilst many attendees will use this channel to engage with exhibitors before and during the event.

Have a social media strategy in place for your stand. Create a wall that can be an interactive tool used when speaking with people at your stand and don’t forget them to hashtag you!

It is always worth knowing the strength of the venue’s wifi in advance as signals in larger venues may be weak so you may need to set up your own hotspot.


Event apps are the up-and-coming way to engage with people who are interested in exhibiting at the show. You could create a bespoke mobile app where you can engage with customers before, during and after an event. Information, locations, schedules and real-time updates can be quickly and easily seen on their smart devices.

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