Exhibiting outdoors is beneficial to a company showcasing its products, services or information to a targeted audience. These types of stands are commonly used at events like trade shows, fairs, festivals, conferences and other outdoor gatherings where businesses and organisations want to engage with potential customers, partners or the general public.

Outdoor exhibition stands serve as a platform to display branding, demonstrate products, distribute promotional materials and interact with visitors.

Remember that outdoor exhibition stands are an opportunity to make a strong impression on potential customers and partners, so careful planning and attention to detail are crucial for success.

Key Features

  • Design – The design of the stand should be visually appealing and aligned with the company’s branding. It should capture the attention of passersby and clearly convey the message or products being presented.
  • Durability – Outdoor exhibition stands need to withstand various weather conditions, such as rain, wind and sunlight. Sturdy materials and construction are essential to ensure the stand remains intact and presentable throughout the event.
  • Graphics and signage – You want your stand to be filled with eye-catching graphics, banners and signage to communicate the key messages and offerings of the exhibitor. These should be easily visible from a distance and be consistent with the overall design theme.
  • Lighting – Proper lighting, can enhance the visibility of the stand, especially in the evening or in low-light conditions. Well-placed lighting can draw attention to specific products or areas of the display.
  • Product display – If the exhibition involves physical products, creating an attractive and accessible product display area is important. Consider how the products will be arranged and whether visitors can interact with them.
  • Interactive elements – Engage visitors and provide a memorable experience by incorporating interactive elements like touchscreens, virtual reality experiences, or product demonstrations.
  • Shelter and seating – Providing shelter, such as a canopy or tent can protect both exhibitors and visitors from weather elements. Seating can encourage longer engagement and discussions.
  • Branded materials – Provide brochures, business cards, samples and other promotional material so that visitors can take them home. These materials should reflect the branding of the company and provide relevant information.
  • Staffing – Trained and knowledgeable staff members should be present at the stand to engage with visitors, answer questions and provide demonstrations. Having friendly and approachable staff can make all the difference in attracting and retaining visitors.
  • Permits and regulations – Before setting up an outdoor exhibition stand, it’s important to check with event organisers and local authorities about any permits, regulations or restrictions that may apply.
  • Technology integration – Depending on the nature of the exhibition, integrating technology such as QR codes, interactive displays, or social media sharing options can enhance the overall experience.

The Different Outdoor Exhibition Stands

The choice of outdoor exhibition stand type depends on factors like the event’s nature, your brand’s identity, budget and goals.

  • Pop-up Canopy Stands
  • Inflatable Stands
  • Modular Outdoor Stands
  • Container Stands
  • Pavilion Stands
  • Custom Themed Stands
  • Caravan Stands
  • Open-air Displays
  • Product Showcases
  • Outdoor Kiosks
  • Interactive Technology Stands
  • Sculptural Stands
  • Green Stands
  • Stage and Performance Stands
  • Food and Beverage Stands


There are several advantages to an outdoor exhibition stand that make it a popular choice for businesses and organisations participating in events and exhibitions held in outdoor settings. Below we have put together some reasons why outdoor exhibition stands can be beneficial.

  • Increased visibility – Outdoor stands are often located in high-traffic areas where they can attract the attention of a larger audience. Passerbys and event attendees are more likely to notice outdoor displays due to the open and spacious environment.
  • Fresh air and natural light – Outdoor settings provide a refreshing change from indoor environments. Visitors can enjoy fresh air and natural light all while interacting with you, your products and services.
  • Larger space – You typically have more space at an outdoor exhibition compared to indoor settings. This gives exhibitors the opportunity to create larger and more impressive displays, incorporating interactive elements, seating areas and product demonstrations.
  • Flexibility in design – Outdoor stands can be designed with more creativity and flexibility. The open environment allows for unique layouts, creative use of materials and innovative design elements that might not be feasible in indoor spaces.
  • Branding opportunities – Get your message and brand across with large banners, signage and graphics that are easily visible from a distance. This allows the outdoor stand to offer strong branding opportunities and helps exhibitors stand out in a crowded event.
  • Memorable experience – The outdoor environment provides a unique backdrop that can enhance the overall experience for visitors. Whether it’s a sunny day or an evening event with appropriate lighting, the setting can contribute to a memorable interaction.
  • Less competition – Outdoor exhibitions might have fewer exhibitors than outdoor events, reducing the level of competition for visitor attention. Exhibitors then have a chance to engage with attendees more effectively.
  • Versatility – Outdoor stands can be adapted for various types of events, from trade shows and fairs to music festivals and community gatherings. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and purposes.
  • Product demonstrations – The larger the space and outdoor setting can provide an opportunity for interactive product demonstrations, allowing visitors to experience products or services firsthand.
  • Networking – Outdoor events often attract a diverse range of attendees, including potential customers, partners and industry professionals. They can provide an excellent platform for networking and building connections.
  • Atmosphere – Exhibiting in an outdoor setting creates a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, encouraging longer and more engaging interactions between exhibitors and visitors.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Well-designed outdoor stands can add to the overall aesthetic of the event. This contributes to the overall ambience and attractiveness of the exhibition.

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