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Choosing The Right Exhibition Stand

How do you choose the right exhibition stand to promote your business at an event? Exhibiting at an exhibition is a brilliant way in getting your business seen and promoting your product or service to potential clients. Choosing the right type of display is important to set your brand apart from the competition, after all this is what is at the heart of making it successful.

We take you through each different type of stand and the key benefits that come with each one.

Bespoke & Custom Built

Our bespoke exhibition stands are exactly what they say they are, custom-built to your specification.

The elements of each bespoke stand can be reused for your next exhibition, providing you with real value for money. We are different from many exhibition companies due to the 4 steps that we cover in our briefing with you to ensure your stand really delivers.

Once we know more about your products and services, we’ll ask you about your objectives for the exhibition or event and then create the stand design. It will fulfil all of your functional and budgetary requirements, working with you throughout the whole process.

Our 3D design team will supply visuals for your sign-off. Once you have approved the final plans with every detail of your stand, we can then begin the build. At all times, one of our project managers will be on hand to manage communications, ensure any amendments are completed and take care of all stand-related items.

With the stand being completely bespoke you have full control and freedom in the design so it can represent your brand exactly as you want it to.

Shell Scheme (Rapid Up Plus)

Transform the well-known shell scheme with our recently updated Rapid Up Plus range. It uses a high-quality, durable, graphics material with the benefit of a rigid aluminium frame. You will 100% have a perfectly taught graphic that can either be used on an aluminium shell scheme, on a traditional timber shell scheme or for that matter hung on any wall.

Unlike the more expensive Foamex boards, the Rapid Up Plus can be reused time and time again. Your stand will always look good, with no visible joins and is environmentally friendly all for a cheaper price than Foamex boards. Our displays can be built for any sized venue and branded.

This choice is good when working with a limited amount of space at an exhibition. We all know trade shows are always crowded, so you need to make the most of the space that you are given. The ready-made structure can be easily constructed and tailored to your needs, whether it’s a stall to promote a product line or to start a conversation with a welcoming space.

If you are on a tighter budget, shell scheme stands are the perfect solution.

Creative Exhibition Stands

At Expo, there’s really nothing we can’t achieve – the possibilities are endless. Make your display stand out from the crowd, giving something a little extra special and engaging with potential customers.

The Expo design team can really help you reach for the stars with a highly creative exhibition stand.

Expo is one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand suppliers, supplying the full range of exhibition stand solutions. We have been designing and installing exhibition stands for nearly 30 years, so we know what works and how to make your stand work for you. Contact us today for more info.