Attracting visitors to your stand is a vital part of exhibition success. You’ve got a great message to share on your stand, but if there’s no one to tell you’re not going to have a very successful day.

At Expo, we’re always looking at ways to entice people to your stand. This can be done visually with a tall stand or a hanging structure, designed to catch people’s eye across the exhibition hall. Or it can be a stand-alone attraction; a selfie mirror, personalised t-shirt creations or a record-breaking attempt.

In the case of Kronos, it was the BATAK challenge – a rapid response LED wall game to test your reactions. Depending on the selected program the targets may be lit up in random or repetitive ways.

Kronos used the BATAK challenge to attract people to the stand,  supported by social media and an ever-changing leader board. With regular winners and communications throughout the two days, their challenge even saw visitors returning to the stand.

Of course, it’s always important to remember that once you attract someone to your stand, you need to have an engaging conversation to follow up with, otherwise the experience of your brand will remembered for all the wrong reasons.

If you’d like more ideas of how to boost your stand, why not take a look at some of our other ideas or call us on 01707 390122.