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Boost your Exhibition Stand

Boost your Exhibition Stand

An exhibition stand isn't just about the walls that you create or the space you cover. There's lots of ways to boost your stand and increase visitor numbers and their experience.

Here's just a few ways to make the most of your space, impress your visitors and make money for you in the process.

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Hanging Structures

 Suspended above your stand, a hanging structure will provide a focal point for your stand.
Not only does it provide a big space for you to display your brand or message, it ensures people will see your stand from the other side of the show.


We can fly lighting rigs over your stand giving you a completely lit stand without any need for walls or support and we can add lighting around your graphics to bring them to life. Lots of our clients use floor lighting, which can be laid into the floor or around the perimeters to give your stand more prominence and be more eye catching. Don't forget the Lumos light towers, designed to illuminate any stand.


Whether it’s a game, a selfie competition or just a freebie, give people a reason to come and interact with you. This is the first and critical step to building that all important relationship. Think about the design to encourage visitors on to your stand, perhaps a seating area or giant touch screen. We have plenty of examples we can share with you or why not take a look at some of our latest projects from around the world.

LED Screens

LED screens provide the perfect way to grab attention and visually engage with visitors. They can be used to show your latest products and services through videos, social media and other AV elements.
This isn’t just for the big budgets either, screens can be incorporated to suit any budget to make your brand really stand out.


Flooring isn’t just to be walked on, it’s there to complement and enhance your stand. Flooring can influence how a visitor sees the size, shape, function and atmosphere of a stand. Of course there’s the practical side of the floor, making sure it can withstand the footfall, but as for the design side, the world’s your oyster. For more ideas and inspiration on flooring, take a look at our blog transform your stand with creative flooring

 For more ideas on how to boost your stand and advice on exhibiting, check out our latest blogs. 

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