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Why Bespoke Exhibition Stand Packages Are Perfect For Your Next Trade Show

Why Bespoke Exhibition Stand Packages Are Perfect For Your Next Trade Show

If you are investing in any trade show, anywhere in the world, to showcase any product or service, there is one thing you need to make the investment worthwhile – exposure. Even the events with the highest footfall from your most valuable prospects can be a washout if your stand doesn’t get sufficient attention. The biggest trade shows with the biggest crowds can actually be the most challenging, particularly for anyone exhibiting on a tight budget.

You are competing against a lot of other companies to make sure you get noticed.

Make it Your Own

One of the biggest mistakes that are common among trade show exhibitors is to think their product or service speaks for itself and that just having a presence at the event is going to get the sales leads flooding in. Using a bland and generic stand, and arranging your props and literature around it, maybe the easy option. But it’s highly likely whatever you are selling will receive little or no attention from the bombarded delegates at the event. To make your mark at the trade show, you need to have a stand that truly wraps around your product or service. It needs to frame and promote what you are selling.

The great thing about these exhibition stand packages is that they act as the perfect entry-level route into fully bespoke exhibition stands. At your next trade show, you might find yourself looking around at all the amazing bespoke stands, thinking I can’t afford that – but Expo is here to tell you ‘you’re wrong’.One of the advantages of an Expo bespoke exhibition stand package is that you can have them adapted and designed to be highly individual, and show off your product or service to maximum effect – without blowing your budget and incurring extra costs!

Time to Focus on Creating Sales Prospects

Trade shows can be time-consuming, to say the least – not just attending the event but all the lead-up and post-event leg work too. If you get the right bespoke exhibition stand, incorporating a clear menu of resource solutions, it can cut down on a lot of time and hassle. Expo offers you an affordable, pre-agreed cost with no hidden extras. For that, you get the bespoke exhibition stand up and ready to use.

When your team arrives at the trade show, the stand will be erected and waiting, including any furniture, flooring or extras you need. What could be easier than that? This leaves you to concentrate on making the trade show as successful as possible, including promoting your presence on social media, issuing invitations and stand appointments to key targets and maximising the PR opportunities offered by the trade show organisers.

Be Creative

Another way to ensure your trade show appearance is worth every penny is to make sure that you don’t just attract visitors to your stand, but also give them reasons to remember your brand afterwards. Pens, mugs, sweets and furry blobs are hardly original and may well feature on all your competitors’ stands. What you need is a bespoke backdrop for your product or service that gives it maximum exposure in a creative and memorable way.

That’s why the team at Expo works so hard to get in tune with what you are selling, and then reflect that in a creative way throughout your chosen design package. In a nutshell, you need to create a buzz and impress people with your brand, not your instantly forgotten giveaway.

Let’s just recap…


Expo’s bespoke exhibition stand packages really are the best of both worlds, because:

  • They are really simple & easy to create
  • You can select which package you’d like & then leave the rest of the process to Expo
  • There’s no hidden extra costs
  • They act as the perfect entry-level route into fully bespoke exhibition stands
  • They prove that you can still create an award-winning stand & be a huge success, without blowing the bank


Make it Happen & Make it Memorable

If you have a trade show coming up, then don’t waste the opportunity or the investment on a stand that no one notices. Use Expo’s 20 years of experience in creating exhibition stands – and our straightforward menu of options – to create a bespoke stand with that wow factor.