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Transform your Stand with Creative Flooring

Are you in the middle of designing your exhibition stand? Have you considered what you are going to do with the floor?

We spend ages choosing flooring in our own homes, but often it’s a forgotten factor at a show.

Flooring isn’t just to be walked on, it’s there to complement and enhance your stand. Flooring can influence how a visitor sees the size, shape, function and atmosphere of a stand.
Of course, there’s the practical side of the floor, making sure it can withstand the footfall, but as for the design side, the world’s your oyster. With so many choices, how do you decide what’s right for you? To help you, we’ve picked six of our favourite flooring ideas:

Coloured Carpet

It may be the simplest option, but don’t discount it. As they say simplest is often the best. Don’t just go grey, think about what colour ties in with your brand and the theme of your stand.

Continue Your Graphics

Any graphics can be printed on a floor. Maximise the impact by taking the graphics from your stand and replicating or continuing them on the floor.

Transporting Your Visitors

Whether that’s putting train tracks on to a floor or adding a yellow brick road, take your visitors to a destination that helps you engage with them and promotes your products and services.

Add some Texture

Give your stand depth and texture. Tie your flooring into the theme of the stand; whether that’s astro, wooden flooring or metal. The beauty is these days carpet can be produced to look just like the real thing, saving you money, but not compromising on impact.

Add your Logo to the Floor

Your branding doesn’t need to be just on your walls and your literature. Get your logo printed on the floor too.

Delineate the space on your stand

Make the different sections on your stand clear to visitors. When you have a bigger stand, help visitors navigate to the right place.