Having the confidence to be different and stand out

Ticketer have been exhibiting at Eurobus for more than 5 years.  Ticketer sell ticket machines, with contactless payments and realtime data feedback to the depot.

Alongside their competitors, Ticketer have always taken a more corporate approach to their stand. However, this year, they dared to be different. Creating a highly visual and interactive stand not only attracts more visitors to the stand, but makes it start a conversation for both the visitor and staff on the stand alike.

Expo challenged Ticketer to think about why they were exhibiting and Ticketer trusted Expo and their experience to create a bespoke stand design that fitted their objectives.

As well as visual impact, the stand needed to be practical:

  • 2 screens either end of the stand to support multi person demos
  • Product shelving to showcase the ticketing machines
  • Tables and chairs to facilitate further conversation
  • Refreshments to entice and keep visitors on the stand

So were the objectives achieved? On the day there were significant impacts from the stand design:

  • Internal staff motivation from a fresh, eye catching stand the team were all proud of
  • Satisfied exhibition organisers, happy to have a ‘hit’ stand at their show
  • Huge press interest and coverage, including plenty of duck tweets from their ‘pick a duck’ attraction on the stand
  • High visitor numbers to the stand, including a visit from Transport Minister, Andrew Jones MP.

Since the show, Ticketer have followed up their leads and their teams report a much easier conversation, with high recall of the stand and ducks.

Thank you SO much for the most wonderful stand, and to your team for making it all such a breeze. I can safely say that the industry has never seen anything like it – I was so concerned beforehand as to whether it would work, and knew that for any chance of it doing so everything had to be of the best . And we just blew them away – every visitor, journalist, and even the Show Organisers said it was a triumph. I just loved it all, even better in the flesh than I thought it would be. John Clarfelt, Managing Director, Ticketer.