Looking at new ways to draw in visitors.

It’s the same for any company, exhibiting at a show has to provide a return, whether that is quantified by sales, enquiries, media coverage or staff motivation. Expo was keen to explore new ways for Saga, in a challenging market, to look at new ways to draw attention to the stand.

The brief from Saga was the come up with a stand that portrayed class and luxury.

To meet the brief, the materials, such as the wood, were carefully chosen to demonstrate quality, whilst keeping in with the nautical theme.

With the number one objective to take bookings, there was also a very practical side to the stand with 3 booking stations connected to the Internet. There was also a touch screen for interactive demonstrations and a large monitor to inspire and entice visitors to the stand. Static pictures were brought to life with the use of light boxes.

To complete the Saga environment and to provide customers with a full saga experience, a printed ceiling was installed.

Our experience with Expositionists has been truly fantastic – Toby takes time to understand the brand and makes some amazing suggestions on how the stand will work best for both us and our customers. During set up the team are extremely professional and ensure that we are happy with every element of the stand before finishing, making tweaks and changes if need be. But of course the customers response is the deciding factor when it comes to the success of the stand – many guests were complimenting on the layout and welcoming feel that the stand had, with our competitors also commenting and suggesting ways to mimic our design!Amy Mayer, Marketing Manager – Cruise.