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RT Quaife Engineering : Autosports International

Providing great-looking, yet functional stands that give maximum ROI.

Quaife and Expo have worked together for nearly 20 years and like many of our clients we are far more than suppliers to them; we are partners.  Providing advice and support to ensure that the maximum return is achieved from all of the exhibitions they attend.  Whether this be in the UK or Europe, the Classic Car Show or the Commercial vehicle show. For this show, Autosports International,  it was all about heroing a gearbox, which was revolutionising the market. Quaife has made the gearbox smaller, lighter and cheaper.

The stand featured:

  • LED lighting around the floor to draw visitor’s eyes to the stand
  • Large format prints  to replicate a carbon fibre look and feel and increase visual stimulation
  • A raised seating area, where guests are surrounded by a range of gearboxes.