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Expo Rapid Up

Shell Scheme Graphics


Transform your shell scheme with our Rapid Up range from £159 per liner metre (based on 1m width).




£159 per linear meter


The Rapid up is the cheapest professional exhibition stand available.  This fully recyclable high quality printed shell scheme graphic covers the entirety of your shell scheme walls WITHOUT impinging your floor space. It is a fabric graphic with aluminium rods top and bottom that simply hangs from the shell scheme. Unlike Foamex overlays it will not fall off, unlike infill panels it covers up the shell scheme completely and unlike PVC banners it can be washed and reused time and time again.

Quite simply, if you are exhibiting on a budget, want to look professional Rapid-up is the only option.

Note: this product may wrinkle slightly.



£239 per linear meter

Our Rapid Up Plus using the same graphics material as the Rapid Up, but with a rigid aluminium frame, giving you 100% perfectly taught graphic that can either be used on an aluminium shell scheme, on a traditional timber shell scheme or for that matter hung on any wall.

Unlike the more expensive Foamex boards, the Rapid-Up plus can be reused time and time again. So you stand gets to look good, with no joins and be environmentally friendly all for a cheaper price than Foamex boards.  Look good and save money. 



 Set up your shell scheme in a matter of minutes

 Variable graphic size polyester print from/to any width

 Environmentally friendly with nothing going to landfill. All materials are recycled or reused. 



"What I love about the Raid Up is that it is super quick to put up AND it allows you to use all the space you've booked"

James Robbins, Drysure



Contact the Expo team on 01707 390122 to get a quote and transform your space.  

For more ideas and images of how we've used the Rapid Up with our other clients, check out our shell scheme section in our online-gallery.  





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