This year we have supported clients at shows in over 20 countries and one thing that every event has in common is the ugly shell scheme stands. We sympathise with the many exhibitors who work to an incredibly tight budget, probably without the involvement of a marketing professional, and who are juggling running the business with selling and production of products.

We do find it unbelievably frustrating that these companies are spending considerable sums on buying the space, booking hotels and travel to/from the events, not least the time it takes out of their business, but yet when it comes to dressing the stand itself they are quite prepared to velcro posters to the walls and overload the stand with cheap off the shelf furniture.

In our opinion, this is worse than not attending the show, these companies are sending out a message of being unimaginative and unprofessional. With this exhibitor in mind, we have created a brand new graphic banner called Rapid Up which fixes directly to the shell scheme walls. It is a fabric-based product that literally takes a couple of minutes to put up. It is re-usable and can even be washed and ironed if it gets marked.

Appreciating that time is often as important as cost, we provide three graphic templates so all the customer has to do is send us a logo, copy and images and we do everything else.

So now there is no reason that a small budget should equal an ugly shell scheme!