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Introducing the new Link2 Banner from Expo Portable

Would you like to be able to turn up on the day of your event to put up your stand, saving yourself time and money?

From the makers of the world-renowned Twist system, comes the new Link2. Simple and easy to use, with a linking banner system; you could dress a 3mx3m shell scheme in under 10 minutes.

Link2 is perfect for anyone who needs to get more from their roller banner or display stand. Whether you’re looking to create a backdrop for a shell scheme, promoting your brand in a hotel foyer or delivering a marketing campaign at the point of sale, the Link2 takes display stands to the next level. With all the features of a traditional roller banner, plus a few of its own:


At just 6.1kg including the graphic, the Link2 means you don’t have to compromise on quality and visual impact when you need a banner that is portable and can go wherever you go. Included in the price is a Link2 padded bag, ensuring it’s easily transportable.


Unlike traditional roller banners, you can link Link2 banners together. Add multiple Link2s together to create a seamless straight wall or even add a Flexi-link panel to a Link2 to create a bend/curve in the stand/backdrop. With your brand across these panels, your customers will really notice your brand.


Putting up the Link2 requires no expertise. It takes less than 2 minutes to put up a Link2. You could dress a 3×3 shell scheme in less than 30 minutes, using multiple Link2 panels and the Flexi panels for the curves.


If you need to change your graphics, this can be done in less than 5 minutes all without the need to send the banner away or order a new one. Simply unclip the graphic from the cassette and change the graphic yourself. The cassette protects the graphics when the banner is put away, prolonging the life of the Link2 and the hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee.


The patented tension system on the Link2 ensures your graphics are level and you can adjust from the base the height to align all of your graphic panels and ensure your brand really gets people’s attention.


It all starts with one Link2 banner, then simply adds to it other panels, lights, counters, and literature stands. Create the look that’s right for you and the event you are at. Link together multiple Link2s to create a great backdrop for any shell scheme or use them individually for another event.

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