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Interactions For Exhibition Stands

One of the primary underlying reasons for exhibiting at an event is to interact and engage with your audience.

But rather than limiting interaction to just speaking with people who stop by, why not expand it to draw them in? Give people a reason to stop, talk and begin interacting with your brand.

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About Our Exhibition Interactions

The most successful exhibition stands are those that promote engagement. They are the stands that are alive with people continually milling around, engaging in conversations with one another and the vendors. If that is the kind of stand you want to have at every event you attend, let’s talk about adding interactive elements that increase your opportunities to engage those who visit your stand.

Interactive elements are those elements within your stand that encourage people to stop and do something. For example, interactive touchscreen displays introducing a new product or service is an instant attention-grabber. Interactive screens can be used in other ways too, like playing games or taking and editing images. You might even use it to glean contact information that could be added to a mailing list.

Seating areas are another great interactive element. They encourage people to sit down for a few minutes and rest their tired legs. They invite conversation between attendees and vendors. You could even combine a seating area with some sort of contest or giveaway. While people sit down to fill out an entry card, you have the opportunity to interact with them one-on-one.

We Can Help

When it comes to making your exhibition stand more interactive and engaging there are countless ways to achieve great results. At Expo, our designers will discuss your brand, your message and your goals and then be able to suggest the perfect way to encourage interaction with your audience.

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