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Gunnebo : Passenger Terminal Expo 2016

As with most exhibition stands Expo designs and supplies, branding is key.

Referred to us by one our long-standing clients, Gunnebo saw the work we were doing and were so impressed they wanted us to do their stand.

As with most exhibition stands Expo design and supply, branding is key.  With Gunnebo, this was no exception.  A bespoke ceiling structure was manufactured to fit Gunnebo’s stand and keep to their strict branding guidelines.

The next objective was to display and demonstrate their range of passenger gates.  All the gates are fully working models and are very sensitive when being set up.  The floor has to be perfectly level, the wiring looms installed and fed back to the control rooms and then IT correctly configured. No easy task when you are working in an exhibition hall full of ducts, lumps and bumps.  The solutions are devised by Expo and then agreed with the client.  Jigs made to accommodate the gates and the installation method agreed upon by all in advance of the show ensured a smooth stress-free installation.

The stand was designed to show a passenger journey through an airport using Gunnebo’s solutions. Visitors were able to experience the use of pre-security and boarding gates integrated with facial biometrics running on an airport CUTE platform, by initially registering at the kiosk on the stand, having their photo taken for facial capture and being presented with a printed boarding pass.

We selected Expo as our new stand designers for their professionalism and extensive experience in stand design and for their understanding of how a stand works in terms of marketing and drawing in visitors. We were very impressed with the way they interpreted our brief, and their creativity and expertise in producing an exceptional stand for Passenger Terminal Expo. The standard of finish of the stand was excellent as well as the layout that really worked with the flow of visitors to the stand. The team are very professional with a friendly manner and we enjoyed working with them on this project. They took care of every detail and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you for your outstanding work and we look forward to continuing to work with you. – Emma Sheldon, Marketing & Communications Manager, Gunnebo.