Last Wednesday afternoon our 8-man crew had just completed the installation of stands for NSK (56sqm) and Medivision (24sqm) at the BDTA Dental Showcase exhibition at the NEC.  Both clients are very happy and are thinking about the two-hour drive back to our Hertfordshire base.  As we are leaving the hall, Allan, Head of Operations catches the eye of a damsel in distress. (After reading this you will understand why we cannot disclose her name or the name of her company!)

Allan, (never one to miss the opportunity of making a good impression) approaches the lady to see if she needs his assistance.   It turns out that her contractors have left her with the worst-built exhibition stand we have ever seen, with graphics peeling off the wall and built without any care.  After a quick chat and with the fair maid repeating her charming smile on the rest of the crew, Allan suggests that they rebuild her stand.  She gratefully accepts and asks how much this will cost.  He replies “No charge – it would be criminal to leave your stand looking like this”.

So our 8-man strong crew dismantled the whole stand and began by carefully removing all the graphics so they could rebuild the main structure… tricky when you’re working from memory and have no stand plans!  The damsel (who is now less distressed) brings along a supply of Coca-Cola and Pasties to keep us all going and an hour and a half later the stand is fully rebuilt and looks great.

So, the moral of the story is if you ever want a favour from any of my crew, all you have to do is smile and supply refreshments!