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ExCeL Becomes The First Venue To Offer New TRACE Carbon Measurement Platform

Great news for ExCeL London as they become the first UK venue to offer the TRACE platform to event organisers. Collaborating with leading industry body isla, the platform TRACE has been designed to help reduce and report the environmental impact of an event’s whole life cycle – from the early planning stages to the moment an exhibitor heads home.

In the year of 2019, an idea turned into reality when 12 event agencies gathered to discuss the steps needed to create a more sustainable industry. Due to the pandemic, isla had to pause but later that year in 2020 it launched and now is the UK’s most trusted, independent non-profit organisation. Isla provides practical guidance and support on environmental issues to agencies, brands, organisers and suppliers, drawing from expertise from across the sector – they then have the knowledge and confidence to facilitate change.

Isla’s goal is to set short and long-term targets in the three core areas: zero waste, 100% renewable, and carbon emission reductions. The carbon footprint measurement will be tracked and reported to drive constant improvement.

TRACE helps you reduce your event’s carbon footprint. It has been designed to give insight into the environmental costs of your event, by capturing emissions and waste data from live, hybrid and digital events. The event location, travel, accommodation, production and graphics, food and beverage emissions and waste and recycling volume are all factors that TRACE evaluates.

This platform will now be an additional service available to any event hosted at ExCeL, with the venue also holding its own license in becoming Net Zero.

The reports for clients, sustainability teams and stakeholders are generated in real-time, pre and post-event.

Event Planners

TRACE has made it easier for event planners by capturing carbon and waste information from single events.

Business Owners

Business owners can understand the impact of the event activities through the TRACE platform.

Sustainability Officers

Perfect for sustainability officers to understand the full picture of the event operations in line with global standards.

Contact us today if you would like more info on exhibiting at ExCeL London.