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Eclipse : Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016

Create a stand that can be reused at different exhibitions on a limited budget

The Eclipse products are incredibly niche, but their brief to us was very common – “Create a stand that can be reused at different exhibitions on a limited budget”.

Expo specialise in custom modular stands, stands that are bespoke to each client, but can be reused by the client at multiple events. In this case, Eclipse were exhibiting in both Europe and the Middle East.

So how do you make a limited budget stretch to create a stand with impact?

By using flat panels, with different colours of white and grey, the contrasting colours created an appearance of depth. Standard features such seating, TV and shelving on the sides for smaller components, all provide functionality as well as visual impact.

Eclipse also wanted to incorporate the hero – the radome. Expo created a display to showcase each element of the product,  to replicate an exploded view and to give the illusion it was floating.

Now Eclipse have been to the exhibition and their requirements evolve, given the stand is modular, it too will evolve to meet the requirements without losing any impact or costing huge amounts of money. For example, Eclipse want to make more of the hero product at the next exhibition, so it is likely that the shelving for the smaller components will be removed.

Due to the success of show, Eclipse is now also booking bigger spaces, but they will still be able to use the modular elements of the original stand and add to it, continuing to provide them with with a low cost, custom built exhibition stand solution, with no compromise on quality or impact.

If you are looking for a customer modular exhibition stand solution, call us now. We don’t charge for storage and refurbishment either, so it’s all ready for your next show when you need it.