Using the stand in a very physical way to demonstrate products.

Cetak is the largest provider of ceiling solutions. The brief was to promote Ceetak’s range of ceiling solutions and demonstrate the benefits of working with the largest provider, in a very physical way using the stand.  They wanted to display all their products – large equipment including heavy-duty machinery.

The stand Expo produced was a great example of an entry-level bespoke stand. It was a great value with key features designed specifically for Ceetak and in particular their need for displaying their products. In addition, Expo manufactured a bespoke display unit to house the heavy-duty machinery.

Due to time and resource limitations in the lead-up to this exhibition, we used Expo as our stand contractor and were thoroughly pleased with the results. They provided us with a great service, removed any stress and worry regarding the design, build and take-down, and the final stand design was impressive and exactly what we were looking for. Sarah Heraghty, Sales & Marketing.