Closer Still at Healthcare

Exhibition organisers have needs too.

It’s not just exhibitors that require exhibition stands, exhibition organisers have needs too.  Closer Still Media, one of the UK’s largest exhibition organisers, has registration areas, seminar rooms and other areas that need constructing.

Expo is able to provide these areas at favourable rates making the areas cost effective and affordable without compromising on the build quality and customer service.

At Health + Care this included registration areas, bag dispensers, a sales office, theatres and exhibitor pods.

“We are delighted with all the effort Expositionists put into each project from the design stage, account management and through to completion.  Their incredible professionalism and flexibility from the MD to the stand builder is always well noted and appreciated. Not only have they got an intuitive understanding of each individual project but the stands/ features themselves were of exceptional quality. We look forward to working with Expositionists again on future projects”.

Anne-Katrin Kallenbach

Operations Manager CloserStill Media

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