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5 Reasons to Consider a Hanging Exhibition Structure

It is becoming increasingly hard to stand out at exhibitions. Exhibitors are having to find new ways to create impact. One way to do this is to use a hanging banner above your stand. Made in different shapes and sizes, a fabric banner covers an aluminium structure and hangs from the ceiling. Hanging structures are easy to transport and build and could be the answer you’re looking for. Here are 5 reasons to consider one for your exhibition:


  1. Stand out from the crowd
    Don’t be lost in the crowd. Use a hanging banner to stand out. A hanging banner provides height to your stand, putting you above a crowded exhibition hall
  2. Expose your brand from every angle
    What would you give to be seen from every angle in an exhibition hall? Hanging banners provide exposure 360 angles across the hall, so no matter where your visitors are in the hall, you can be seen.
  3. Maximise all the available space, not just the floor
    With floor space at a premium, the only way is up. Utilise the space above your stand as an extension of your stand and branding.  With banners coming in round, square or even triangular shapes you can pick one to suit your stand.
  4. Increase the impact of your stand with little additional outlay
    So you’ve already had the main outlay of the exhibition space and the stand. Make the most of this investment with a small additional cost for a hanging banner, that will exponentially increase the impact of your stand.
  5. Get your brand out there even without a stand
    It’s not only exhibition stands themselves that benefit from hanging banners. Perhaps you’re an event organiser or you’re sponsoring a section for an event, use a hanging banner to publicise your area, event or brand.  to need for a stand, you could sponsor an area and have a hanging structure from the ceiling. And of course, as they’re easily portable they can also be used in shopping centres, hotels and in-store promotional areas.

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