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Edu Me at Learning Technologies

28th May 2020

Edu Me exhibited at Learning Technologies 2018 and had a tight budget of £2,500 but gave us the challenge of creating an exhibition stand in the style of a living room to create a cosy setting to meet with the delegates.

Edu me have strict brand guidelines and so we needed to make sure that the yellow furniture we used matched closely with their yellow. The furniture was difficult to source as it is an unusual colour for furniture but we managed to do this using our extensive contacts in the events industry.

We were able to deliver the stand under budget using our innovative Rapid-Up fabric graphics system. A simple design, the Rapid-up simply hooks over the top of the shell scheme and covers the wall seamlessly, leaving no metal poles on show. The Rapid-Up's simplicity means it is far more cost effective than other solutions on the market, costing just £159 per linear metre leaving you space in the budget to make the rest of your booth stand out as much as possible.

We offered Edu Me a full service solution at this event meaning that they didn't have any forms to fill out and we were the only vendor they were in communication with throughout the process. We took care of the graphics, furniture, carpet and electricity which allowed hem to focus on what they do best, sellling their products.

Edu Me were pleased with the end result and Priya Bhandari gave us the following testimonial:-

 "Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you and Frankie and we really appreciate your help and patience."

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