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Allan’s Advice


Allan Overton, Head of Operations at Expo, offers his advice on getting the most from your stand and exhibition:

Take your time and study the floor plan before you book your space – think about where you’ll get your biggest exposure.

Gimmicks can get you attention, but do they get you the business? Think carefully about what you are going to give away on your stand.

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Think about where you want your stand to be located. Think about the flow of traffic. Nearer the door will get the footfall, as will being near a main stage. However you also get the noise from a mainstage.

Walk the walk – When dressing your stand, imagine you are a visitor attending the show. Walk past your space. What would catch your eye? How does it look? Which way are attendees coming from?

Think about the practicalities of your stand. For example, in winter you will need more storage space for coats and if your entire team is travelling to the show, on the last day think about what they will store their suitcases.

Don’t buy a space that you can’t afford to fill. A smaller well-dressed space will get you more attention than a half empty space.s.

Think what colour scheme will work for you. Ensure your stand makes an impact, but for all the right reasons.

Leave us to get on with the build and have every confidence your stand will be delivered on time.


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